Small businesses in Trenton, NJ face major challenges when trying to access unsecured lines of credit. Most conventional lending institutions will not extend lines of credit to new and small business owners unless they have a lot of collateral to offset the risk of taking a chance on entrepreneurs. At Summit Capital Financing, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs by offering the best unsecured business lines of credit in Trenton, and our program is based on credit rating and profitability, rather than collateral.

Fast and Easy Approval

With our program for lines of credit, many small businesses in Trenton qualify for up to $100,00 with good financials, even if the collateral strength is not present. Larger businesses in the northern New Jersey area frequently get approval for lines of credit up to $500,000. Larger unsecured lines of credit require businesses to have annual revenue ranging from $1 million and $10 million, for approval. These unsecured business lines of credit are ideal for startups and small businesses, because they are not dependent on collateral.

Trenton Business Owners Get The Best Financial Features

Summit Capital Financing’s unsecured credit program offers the following features:

  • Fast pre-qualification process
  • Quick and inexpensive credit check
  • Introductory offers as low as 0%
  • No subprime lines of credit
  • 1-5% over prime for larger credit options

Your business should not have to go without unsecured lines of credit, nor should you have to relinquish assets in order to meet the collateral requirements of traditional lending institutes. Summit Capital Financing offers unsecured lines of credit that can be arranged quickly to get your business increased purchasing power to get an edge on the competition.

Call Us Today

To find out if your qualify for an unsecured business line of credit in Trenton, NJ, call Summit Capital Financing at 908-644-5427. We can conduct a quick credit check to ensure that your financials qualify, and answer any questions your might have about this or any of our other generous financing products.