Retail Business Loan Fundamentals: How to Choose the Best Option for Your Business

Retail financing is complex, because the rhythm of business for retail companies involves seasonal demand changes, inventory rotation, and a variety of other factors. You need to have the right atmosphere, the right product, and the customer traffic to keep your business moving forward. This financing is there when you need a tool kit designed for companies like yours, but you need to understand what products best fit your goals.

If you’re looking to expand or to buy equipment, SBA loans are a great option for smaller operations. They’re only available if your company has an annual income below $1.25 million, but they can be used to purchase a property for your facilities or to buy the machines you need to get your operation up and running. For specific kinds of equipment like POS systems, you can get specialized financing for an individual purchase, too. All these loans have one thing in common, though—they are secured to collateral and designed for long-term investments.

Retail financing needs to also embrace short-term financing options to be useful to most companies. Since the business cycle for retail operations frequently requires inventory load-ups, labor increases ahead of demand, and other front-loaded expenses can provide a barrier to participation in opportunities if you do not have the working capital available. Short-term loans and cash advances are the typical tools for financing under these circumstances, and they can involve alternative lending products like merchant cash advance loans or hard money loans. While more expensive than longer-term financing, these loans are available quickly, so your business can take advantage of opportunities as they come up.

Over time, you’ll want to establish readily available credit you can tap on demand as your business needs it. Credit lines are typical instruments for this, but they require an established business credit score and company income to reach the sizes of the advances you can expect from short-term loans. Once you can access credit lines, though, you will be able to draw from them whenever you have an available balance and a need. That makes them a powerful tool for short-term financing.

Finding the best financing options for your company means weighing your current volume of business, assets, and needs for the money. Once you understand those things, selecting the most appropriate product to fit your needs is easy. Remember, diverse and specialized financing makes it easy to keep your working capital up and your cash flow managed with retail financing.


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