We Can Provide You With Immediate Cash for Your Annuities

structured-settlementsLife is full of unexpected situations, including those that have a negative impact on your finances and require immediate cash. When your situation does not allow for the luxury of going through traditional loan channels, we can offer immediate cash for your annuities. You can sell us a portion of each annuity or all of your annuity as your situation demands. One of our financial experts will help you determine the right annuity financing solution for your specific situation.

Program Details

Those who take advantage of our generous annuity financing program enjoy the following program details and highlights:

  • No large surrender charges
  • Completely customized financing products
  • Immediate liquidity to meet the financial demands of life
  • Top-tier customer services
  • Ability to cash an annuity out
  • Option to transfer financial possessions to heirs


Selling all or part of your annuities to us is a stress-free way to meet your most pressing financial obligations.

Required Information

In order to more easily provide you with a quote, we request that you have the following information in front of you when you call:

  • Policy number
  • Insurance company name
  • Date of first payment
  • Date of last guaranteed payment
  • Frequency of payments (monthly, annually, etc.)

Contact Us Today

If you have tried unsuccessfully to locate this information, simply give us a call at 908-644-5427 and one of our friendly financial representatives will help you find the information you need for an annuity financing quote.