When You Need Financing for Your Purchase Orders, We Can Help

purchase-order-trade-financingWhen you produce, import or export merchandise, you need a trusted source of funding to help you procure pre-sold products. Here at Summit Capital Financing, we offer a helpful purchase order financing solution that can help your business obtain the merchandise it needs in order to keep your clients happy.

Practically Limitless Funding

When you have large financial needs, it can be challenging to locate a source of funding that can meet those needs. Due to our connections with a variety of capital partners, you can always trust us to fund your business no matter how large your financial requirements are. We have worked hard over the years to become one of the most trusted financial solutions companies in the industry. In addition to our purchase order financing program, we also provide letters of credit that can be used to make domestic purchases and import or export products.

Program Highlights 

Our program offers the following highlights:

  • Rapid source of funding
  • Increases market share
  • Allows your business to expand without selling your equity
  • Helps you avoid additional bank debt
  • Makes it easier to fulfill large orders and promptly deliver products

Contact Us Today

Whether you resell products or are directly involved in manufacturing and distributing pre-sold merchandise, we have a financial solution that is ideal for your situation. Call us at 908-644-5427today to experience firsthand how our purchase order financing program can benefit your business.