When You Need Private Equity Financing, We Can Help

private-equityIt can be tricky to finalize a private equity financing or joint venture capital deal, but here at Summit Capital Financing, doing so is one of our specialties. We commonly help companies reach their private equity goals by assisting with a wide variety of financial projects such as recapitalizations, management buyouts, growth capital, divestitures and leverage buyouts. We know exactly what it takes to reach a deal that is beneficial for all parties involved and we would love to do the same for your business.

Signs of a Great Investment

We are always looking for a great investment, and our financial experts are trained to make sure a business has the following attributes prior to reaching an investment deal:

  • Succinct exit strategy
  • Cash-generation abilities
  • Value-creation abilities
  • Hard-working management team
  • Potential for significant growth


If your business has these attributes, you may be an ideal candidate for our private equity financing solutions.

Why Trust Us?

The commercial finance industry is very large and competitive, so why should you trust us with your private equity dreams? Not only are we completely committed to providing some of the most competitive and customized financial products in the industry, but we are also known for treating our clients with the utmost respect. When you want a business relationship that is based on mutual trust, it is time to give Summit Capital Financing a call.

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To start benefitting from our private equity financing products, call us today at 908-644-5427. We look forward to speaking with you!