Innovative Funding Programs

contract-financingSummit Capital Financing offers our business customers innovative financial programs to ensure their success. Our unique contract financing program allows our valued customers to acquire the maximum amount of cash from a contract immediately by monetizing it. Our team provides flexible terms and customized solutions, so you can monetize a contract you already have or one you are currently working out negotiations with. Every transaction is individually catered to meet your needs.

Why Choose Summit Capital Financing?

At Summit Capital Financing, our team of experienced financial professionals has worked hard to create a contract finance program that will meet the needs of our valued business customers. Our program enables you to access cash from your sales almost immediately. No more waiting to receive payments in increments. Here are a few additional highlights to the program:

  • Customer investment grade or near investment
  • Great for startup companies
  • Individually tailored for your specific needs
  • Access to cash almost immediately
  • Grow your company with more working capital


This program works well for a large variety of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Waste management
  • MedicalRetail
  • Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Food processing
  • And many more

Contact Us Today

To learn more about Summit Capital Financing’s contract financing program, give us a call today at 908-644-5427. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis and provide a customized program suited perfectly to your business.